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Selection of latest work

Friday Fish Fry and Uncle Bub

The third entry in "Rediscovering Racine," my weekly column discussing the culture shock of returning to my childhood hometown after 20 years away.

Racine Journal Times

Life with Intractable Pain

A three part series offering a case study of the problems confronting potential patients in Minnesota's medical marijuana program.


The Mighty Bubba at Bat

An entry in my series of ethnographic memoirs discussing growing up in a Zen Buddhist family.

Root & Branch



I continue to approach writing as an organic art form, requiring study, practice, and lived-in maturation of various styles and genres. The result has been a career of branching paths and varied publications ... a 400 page dissertation on urban community for my Ph. D. in Cultural Anthropology ... a weekly column in a midsize, Midwestern paper ... proofing and writing for a local bi-weekly ... teaching writing intensive classes for adult learners at the college level for 7 years ... and two novels written, re-written, and edited over the last 10 years (and now finally ready for submission). Such branches may have deferred carving out a platform friendly niche. But I prefer to follow the guidance of my favorite authors who attempt to build multiple writing skills so that the story can define the style, not vice versa. Each newly branched path starts from the same love of the craft, even as (or perhaps because) they continue to lead to unexpected clearings.



Presently pitching his first literary novel, Hanging Men.


When I'm not writing (editing, reading, submitting ...), I'm usually working on the Block Studio Project. 

Block Studios are Arts & Crafts corner donation boxes now popping up throughout NE Minneapolis.  They are funded through neighborhood organizations, and meant to be a free space to exchange materials, resources, and ideas.  They also function as walk-by work space and neighborhood art pieces. 


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"Stop looking for what you already have."

Anton Somlai, Peace Vigil

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